B&B Systems Mission

B&B Systems aim to provide a machine that will increase your shop's productivity by computerizing your steel sheet cutting.  B&B Systems also offers this shape-cutting computer-controlled machine at a more affordable price than other manufactures

Team B&B

B&B Systems takes pride in the construction of their CNC Plasma Cutter Tables.  Each member of the B&B Systems Team practice superior craftsmanship in all they do.  Every plasma cutter table B&B Systems make is custom built.  The B&B Systems team is known as hard workers and have a reputation for their integrety, resulting in a dependable machine.

Lead Engineer for B&B Systems

Bill Wallace, our lead engineer has more than 30 years experience in industrial controls.

B&B Systems Work Ethic

For quality control, each table is made from start to finish and is tested before the next one begins.


B&B Systems is located 100 miles North of Boise in the mountain town of McCall, Idaho.

Team B&B Systems Inc. Cnc Plasma Cutting Water Tables working in unity to manufacture the USA prized plasma cutting machines

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 Made in,sold in, and fromthe USA ! ! !

 Made in, sold in, and from the USA ! ! !